Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Only for YouTube Premium users.

Google has been playing around with a new, slightly mobile-inspired redesign for the main Watch page for YouTube videos, which has been met with mixed reactions. The update was previously limited to a handful of random testers, but now YouTube Premium subscribers can flip it on and try it out.

YouTube has decided to offer the redesigned Watch page as an optional feature for Premium members, despite initial negative feedback from many people. The redesigned interface features a shifted layout, placing video titles, uploader information, and comments in a right-aligned column, while giving prominence to video recommendations. This change has been met with backlash from many who find the new design cluttered and less user-friendly. Honestly, I’m inclined in that direction too—the previous design of the Watch page was perfectly fine, and there was no need to shift things around. It looks very similar to the design that was recently rolled out on the TV version.

YouTube is inviting Premium subscribers to try the redesigned Watch page and provide feedback. The company claims the new design improves the viewing experience by making it easier to discover related content and interact with comments. However, seeing the backlash of users, one must wonder how much of an “improvement” this really is. Whether the redesigned Watch Page will become a permanent feature remains to be seen, as YouTube continues to gather feedback and assess the impact on user satisfaction. Hopefully, if enough people hate this change, we might just see Google ditch it for good, although it’s not certain. Perhaps we’re just an extremely loud minority.

For now, YouTube Premium subscribers have the option to opt in and experience the redesigned interface for themselves, and share their feedback with YouTube on whether they like it or not. It also does mean that you’ll have to sign up for a subscription if you want to try it out. After you toggle it on, all you need to do is reload the website and load any video you want to see the renewed interface.

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